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Yes, We Need Books!

Yes, We Need Books! Cover Image

Genie Chow

May 11, 2023

     You can buy a DVD of a movie your child loves, that is true. Moving pictures transport the viewer into a whole new world, with all of its magic and special effects.

     But reading the book, the story is created in the mind of the reader. Books for children can really help children envision this world, from a locker room to a fantasy fairyland or fantasy backdrop. Books also improve children's writing skills and even communication skills.

     Yes, movies can create catch phrases spewing from a lead actor's mouth, and even trends in fashion designs or this year's Halloween costumes. Reading a book, however, can be done at the reader's pace. And it's easier to backtrack when curious about a line one missed or a world building effect that needed more definition. And maybe read a book just to support a starving writer. Without writers there would be no movies, too. Screenwriters are often novelists, and sometimes you can catch that in their writing styles.

     So support writing. Books enhance your imagination skills and even artistic skills. And there are writers who collect books. In my case, children's books and romantic comedy novels. It's fun to give away used books, sell them, or donate them. Support writing and you are supporting reading. Sometimes books enhance the movie viewing experience, or vice versa. Anything anyone would like to add?