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Bear Hugs for Stella

Publication Date: 2023

     Stella loves and collects teddy bears. When faced with an essay, she tries to avoid doing her homework after a bout with writer's block. How she overcomes her obstacles through closer bonds with her creative Japanese grandmother makes this book likely to inspire the growth of a young reader faced with any kind of writing assignment.

Genie Chow has created a truly enchanting work for children of all ages with this masterfully illustrated and inspiring tale.

                                                           Lynn Boland, Writer

Stella learns a gentle lesson when her efforts are rewarded with her grandmother's special Teddy Bear.

                                                          Pamela Nett, Artist

My grandchildren absolutely loved "Bear Hugs for Stella." They enjoyed the bright and detailed illustrations of the sweet teddy bears, and the engaging story of Stella. As an elementary school teacher, I appreciate how the story progresses through Stella's typical childhood emotions of being stubborn and frustrated, to being highly motivated to do her school project. I plan to use this book in class in the upcoming school year.

                                                         Laura Gardner,
                                                         Elementary School Teacher

When Stella visits her Grandma Yumi who makes teddy bears "to bring joy to others," she feels proud and inspired to share her Grandma's story and her own love of teddy bears with others.

                                                     Evelyn Florin,
                                                     Retired Middle School